doct4 Manage your entire organization with one         integrated solution.

   doct3 Maintain data security.
   doct2 Develop reports in minutes, not days.
   doct1 Consolidate your project information and         deliverables.
Affordable - User friendly - Easy to implement
Timesheet, Expense & Billing

Simplify collection of employee time, expenses, and revenues with web-based timesheets. more infomation
Project Management

Track project resources and progress while keeping your team informed. more information
Customer Relationship Management

Improve marketing campaigns and drive sales while providing world-class services. more information
Talent/HR Management

Receive employee records and performance to keep your team at its best. more information
Contract Management

Manage budget, baselines, and deliverables all while meeting DCAA requirements and having successful audits. more information
Purchase Management

Automate purchase requisitions and approvals for error-free supply and budget management. more information

Scalable Solutions To Fit Any Size Business íV Even When Your Needs Change

xpdoffice is a single, comprehensive way to automate and streamline your business!  It is the leading Business Automation Solution for small to mid-size businesses. It is scalable, so you can seamlessly add features as and when your needs grow.  It is an ideal solution for companies looking for an integrated solution for HR management, time and expense management, contract management, project management, Earned Value Management (EVM) reporting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and more.

xpdoffice was created with only one goal in mind: to increase your profits by maximizing productivity. Most daily business activities can be completed in minutes íV even seconds íV which opens the rest of your work day to meet deadlines, interact with customers and attend important meetings.

Implementation is quick and easy.  Just sign up and we will do the rest; from creating your secured web site to training the administrators of your system and everything in between.

For your convenience xpdoffice is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), also known as an Application Service Provider (ASP) model.  With our solution, you avoid the hassle of obtaining additional software, meeting minimum hardware requirements or making changes to your IT infrastructure. This will save you thousands of dollars and billable hours. Your site will be available to your staff 24/7 so they can access the system securely from anywhere at any time via a web browser.

Manage your entire organization. Control costs and increase profits.
"Accuracy and timeliness is important to me. I want information right away – employee progress, project flow, labor distribution and expenses. xpdoffice gives me real information in real time, accurately and instantly. xpdoffice is my on-demand reality check!" DCAA, Sarbane Oxley, EEO – Government regulations compliance

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