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    Centralize and easily access employee records.
    Simplify and consolidate the performance review         process.
    Comply with government requirements.
    Manage the employment, recruitment process.

When You need more than a timesheet - xpdoffice!

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 xpdtime - Core module of xpdoffice™.
 xpdproject - Total project management.
 xpdexpense - Key to controlling project costs.
 xpdcontracts - Key to contract management.
 xpdhr - Human Resources - your most important resource.
 xpdpurchase - Purchasing management made simple.
 xpdinvoice - Create accurate invoices effortlessly.
 xpdreports - Powerful reporting module for xpdoffice™.
xpdevm - Earned Value Management Software.
 xpdletter - Create letters online for review.
 xpdadmin - Control for human resources.
 xpdvms - Customized visitor ID badges.
 xpdcrm - Identify and Manage Opportunities.

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"xpdoffice is the most complete tool we have at our disposal - it covers so much of our day-to-day operation."



January 16, 2003 - Columbia, MD
Scientific Systems and Software International Corporation (SSSI) announces the consolidation of organization-wide productivity enhancement tools into a single, powerful package now available as xpdoffice

The popular xpdtime™ enterprise package has grown to match the needs of customers requiring a comprehensive solution to business information management.

COLUMBIA, MD: Jan. 16, 2003--SSSI, makers of the worlds simplest digital time and status management system, announced today the launching of Version 6.3 of its software package, xpdtime™, now available as part of a consolidated enterprise management package named xpdoffice™. Enhancements to xpdtime™ itself enable internal and external communications to and from customers without the need to leave the application. Digital time and status reporting has been combined with expense account, leave, and project management to yield faster and more accurate results with better operational efficiency.

The company listed several important reasons for the consolidation. xpdoffice™ becomes the first application worldwide to fill the gap in enterprise package functions found between basic timekeeping software and a highly expensive enterprise class package. Many customers sought additional functionality beyond timekeeping but could not afford an alternative, until now. While the consolidated package provides a complete solution, individual modules are still available as needs and budgets dictate. SSSI has elected to market the software through a new product division named xpdientinc.

One organization using a digital reporting model recently demonstrated a 40% cost savings in timesheet accuracy based on reduction of waste and duplication in paper-based solutions.

Version 6.3 extends xpdientinc's popular modular approach to its products with new features and options. Fully enhanced mail capabilities speed up business communications. Digital, paperless invoicing now assures accuracy and timeliness. A new administration module serves as a toolbox for all office functions, with streamlined data import features. Periodic vacation accrual rate setup capabilities have been added. Nayab Siddiqui, xpdientinc President stated, "This new release brings us to one of our major goals for xpdoffice™, that it serves all our customers as an enterprise management package. Many features that are unavailable in more expensive packages can be found embedded within the xpdoffice™ interface! It is truly one of the best values in software today."

"We see the concept of convergence, or blending of separate functions into a single package, all around us; in everything from automobiles to multipurpose tools to combination refrigerator/ovens. xpdoffice™ is based on this approach; offering unexpected functionality in a highly functional package," said Mr. Siddiqui.

About xpdientinc

xpdientinc is a multifaceted organization offering a wide variety of software products. Combining proprietary software packages with focused database capabilities allows the organization to provide client organizations with outstanding solutions. All of the company's products are web-based, leveraging the power of the Internet to simplify and document many business processes in a variety of environments. Designed to operate in a wide spectrum of private sector organizations and public agencies, these products offer a solution for you.

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