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The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) has implemented guidelines to ensure accurate accounting by contractors concerning time and cost for Department of Defense projects. For more information about DCAA Regulations and DCAA Standards in general, visit the DCAA's site - www.dcaa.mil.

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DCAA Compliance & DCAA Audits

For Government Contractors DCAA compliance is a must and DCAA Audits are a reality. DCAA compliance is just a part of doing business with the Federal Government Agencies and the Department of Defense (DoD).

xpdoffice Timesheet Solution (xpdtime) provides the necessary help in documenting all DCAA requirements - in real time!
Now you can submit your records without errors. Eliminate unnecessary delays and frustration in submission of Incurred Cost and Final Cost (ICE).

xpdoffice was designed from inception to meet every government contractor's need for Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) standards compliance. xpdoffice helps in compliance with federal government regulations as defined in the Defense Contract Audit Agency Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). Very few commercially available systems provide true compliance with the DCAA's stringent, but necessary requirements, but companies using xpdoffice find it easy to become compliant with all DCAA regulations.

xpdoffice helps with all aspects of your DCAA compliance ­ time and attendance, project management, purchasing and expense, human resources, contract management ­ including extensive reporting capabilities.

Accumulation of actual direct costs by labor category, contract and job
Bid & Proposal and Independent Research & Development Treatment
System is secured so only the proper people can make changes to entered data
Inception-to-date job or task detail
Calculate Overhead and G &A Expenses
Detailed labor distribution and cost allocation including direct and indirect labor to the appropriate cost centers / cost pools.
Proper segregation of direct costs from indirect costs
Segregation of pre-production, production, and post-production costs
Time-keeping system that identifies employees' labor by intermediate or final cost objectives.
Tracking and segregation of unallowable costs
Tracking of employee labor by intermediate or final contract objectives
Tracking of uncompensated overtime
Provides necessary internal audit reports that identify needed information
Maintain all relevant historical data

xpdoffice™ capabilities help government contractors meet DCAA standards of compliance in many ways, xpdoffice meets cost accounting guidelines as found on Standard Form 1408 (Accounting System Evaluation Checklist)

Additionally, xpdoffice's import, export, data synchronization capabilities, and its unique synchronization with accounting packages, provides the following for DCAA audits:

Accumulation of costs under General Ledger Control
Calculation of multiple indirect rates per job or task
Allocation using provisional, budgeted, or actual burden rates

Project Management
With your project management decisions based on sound, up-to-the-minute cost data; you can assess project detail and profitability at a moment's notice - in real time. xpdoffice lets you manage even the most complex projects, including fixed price, time and materials, CPFF and delivery order government contracts, by giving you powerful capabilities such as flexible work breakdown structures, indirect cost allocation options, and interactive billing for both commercial and government entities. xpdoffice offers seamless integration to areas such as financial accounting and materials procurement.

Track Every Timesheet
With xpdoffice, you can track every timesheet with complete ability to perform audit. With xpdoffice timesheet module you can easily tell who made the original entry, who made the change, when and why, and who approved the change. Who approved the timesheet at every level! All traceable with xpdoffice - instantly. And since xpdoffice supports the DCAA standards, only the initial person can enter or change the timesheet, it is the complete and ideal choice for DCAA Audits.

Extensive and Comprehensive Reporting
No other enterprise-wide PSA software system provides true compliance with DCAA standards. Due to our unique experience in government contracting for over two decades, xpdoffice was developed with an unrelenting eye toward reporting and DCAA compliance. And we recognize the importance and value of reports and the DCAA costs, and timesheet audit trail. xpdoffice accumulates actual direct costs by labor category and job. It also calculates multiple indirect rates per job or task. xpdoffice details inception-to-date job and task data, allows for tracking and segregation of unallowable costs, and handles overtime (including uncompensated overtime). With xpdoffice it is easy to segregate direct and indirect costs as well as tracking employee labor by contract objectives.

With its remarkable flexibility, xpdoffice not only helps achieve DCAA Audits Codes, it also collects timesheets for HR, Payroll and Project Management systems. Once data from the timesheet has been gathered, the data is available and instantly transferred to the project management system. In addition, through export or direct synchronization with popular cost accounting software, xpdoffice makes this information readily available to your financial systems. This type of integration allows for a wide variety of reporting capability ­ required for DCAA audits, government project compliance and internal financial reporting.


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