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When You need more than a timesheet - xpdoffice!

Feature Service

 xpdtime - Core module of xpdoffice™.
 xpdproject - Total project management.
 xpdexpense - Key to controlling project costs.
 xpdcontracts - Key to contract management.
 xpdhr - Human Resources - your most important resource.
 xpdpurchase - Purchasing management made simple.
 xpdinvoice - Create accurate invoices effortlessly.
 xpdreports - Powerful reporting module for xpdoffice™.
xpdevm - Earned Value Management Software.
 xpdletter - Create letters online for review.
 xpdadmin - Control for human resources.
 xpdvms - Customized visitor ID badges.
 xpdcrm - Identify and Manage Opportunities.

"xpdoffice combines the strengths of independent operating modules with the ease and simplicity of integration. It is specifically designed to fill the gaps in our management system, and does so very effectively."

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We'd like to see everyone use xpdoffice™ time and attendance system, but at the very least, we're convinced everyone should try it. To schedule a full interactive online demo, or to learn how you can actually try this revolutionary product, contact us right away, and one of our trained professionals will give you a tour.


Support & Guarantee

Most clients have no trouble operating xpdoffice™, but if you need us, we're here for you! Our team of technical professionals and experts will guide you through every aspect of your implementation. Just let us know how we can be of service.

Implementation Services
Of course, it is always easy to begin using xpdoffice™. However, for initial implementation, our trained professionals will set up your xpdoffice system with you - over the phone, and walk you through the initial stages step by step.

Training Services
No training is required to operate xpdofiice™ - the application is intuitive and user-friendly. But if you would like training, phone our support group at 888-777-4638, ext.252 and we'll quickly set up a time and method to best assist you.

Upgrades and maintenance releases of xpdoffice™ are free, based on original purchase configuration. Additional modules can always be added at any time and fall under the exact same support policies.

Technical Support
With every call to xpdoffice™, our technical-support staff is waiting to assist you. We pride ourselves in our quick same-day turnaround, so that your needs don't go unnoticed.

Standard Support
xpdoffice™ support is ongoing and perpetual. There are no services plans or subscriptions to purchase. All we ask is that you never hesitate to contact us about a problem you may have with any of our software.

Phone Support
Phone support is available to xpdoffice™ customers between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

Online Support
Each page of the xpdoffice™ application has a button set aside for "Bug Reports." If you should encounter a problem, click on the button and send us a detailed description. Or, send email of a more general nature to

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