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    Simplify, speed up expense reporting.
    Track, gain control over expense activity.
    Add security in reporting, approval.
    Customizable tracking fields
    Digital signatures
    Reimbursement options
    Universal access

When You need more than a timesheet - xpdoffice!

Increase Profits.
Maximize Productivity!

 Project Management
 Real-Time Reporting
 Time and Expense
 Purchasing & Invoicing
 Earned Value Management
 Human Resources
 Daily Planning
 DCAA Compliance
Contract Management
 Event Management
 Customer Resources
 Visitor Management

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xpdoffice Live Demo - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is your timesheet system DCAA compliant?
Yes. xpdoffice™ provides several restrictions, alerts, and messages that makes the application DCAA compliant.

2. Size of business that the application is designed for? Average number of users? Maximum / Minimum.
xpdoffice™ is scalable, and its modular design easily accommodates a small or large numbers of employees. Your application should fit your needs.

3. Do we need to have a stand-alone server?
If you choose to place the application on a server within your firewall we would highly recommend that you use a stand-alone server.

4. Are there any non-compatibility issues you are aware of in regard to software?

5. What other software does it interface with? Can it interface with my accounting software? How?
(a.) Yes, We will interface it with most popular accounting software for free. The application interfaces via import /export files. (Seamless integration is available at cost)
(b.) Seamless data import and export in Excel on the web.
(c.) Seamless data synchronization with MS Project
(d) For small business we have created a version of xpdoffice™ that seamlessly interfaces with QuickBooks

6. Is it a Real time System?

7. How extensive is the reporting feature?
The application comes with a wide variety of reports.

8. What about upgrades? Is it a mandatory requirement that you upgrade? How often and what is the normal cost?
Free upgrades for the first year. Upgrades are not mandatory, and costs vary depending on the nature of the upgrade.

9. Who are some of your customers?
Some of our customer references and testimonials are available on our web site www.xpdoffice.com

10. I need to be able to save time so my employees can devote more effort toward being productive? How can xpdoffice help me?
By capturing important data once and automating the progression of data entries, organizations slash data entry and processing time. Work is allocated more efficiently and therefore allows managers and employees to use data instantly. Additionally xpdoffice seamlessly integrates with accounting and project management software. Your all important processes are sped up and managing your enterprise becomes quicker and easier, and more reliable.




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