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 Purchasing & Invoicing
 Earned Value Management
 Human Resources
 Daily Planning
 DCAA Compliance
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 Event Management
 Customer Resources
 Visitor Management

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Implementing xpdoffice

Implementing xpdoffice

After you have decided to implement xpdoffice as a business automation solution for your company, planning for the resources required to implement a new solution will help you avoid any potential surprises and difficulties. The cost of the software is one of several items for which you will need to budget. Depending on the complexity of your solution, there may also be costs related to migrating your data to the new solution, customizing the user interface, and aligning the solution with your existing applications. In some cases, this may be as simple as exporting QuickBooks information to xpdoffice or importing information via spreadsheet into xpdoffice. In more complex implementations, you may need to work with your xpdoffice implementation specialist to ensure that employee, customer and contracts data, vendors and inventory, and other information that resides on legacy systems can be migrated to the new solution efficiently.

You will most likely be working with an xpdoffice implementation specialist to develop and install your solution. While this specialist will assist in the implementation of xpdoffice application, you will also need someone in-house to oversee and manage the overall implementation and ensure that the project timeline is moving forward. This may fall to your HR, IT, or Business Manager, or, if you don't have someone in these roles available, to another project coordinator.

While initial training is provided to your xpdoffice administrator during the implementation you also will need to budget for training and education. As is the case with any new technology implementation, proper training reduces user resistance to the transition and ensures that employees can take advantage of the solution's full potential. We also recommend that you also consider signing up for long-term service and support based on your organizational needs.

xpdoffice Pricing

Please contact us at (410) 715-5700, x-264 with your requirements so we may formulate a solution for you and provide you with the cost estimate which will include, software license fee which is typically calculated by the number of user licenses you need, secured web site setup, implementation services, data conversion training, and post implementation support service fees.



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