xpdoffice provides what you want
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    Simplify, speed up expense reporting.
    Track, gain control over expense activity.
    Add security in reporting, approval.
    Customizable tracking fields
    Digital signatures
    Reimbursement options
    Universal access

When You need more than a timesheet - xpdoffice!

Increase Profits.
Maximize Productivity!

 Project Management
 Real-Time Reporting
 Time and Expense
 Purchasing & Invoicing
 Earned Value Management
 Human Resources
 Daily Planning
 DCAA Compliance
Contract Management
 Event Management
 Customer Resources
 Visitor Management

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Reporting Made Simple

Quickly Generate Detailed Reports and Graphs. xpdoffice delivers immediately!

xpdoffice guarantees you real-time reporting tools to manage cost and performance in a single, powerful interface. Your results are immediate and accurate.

If you can think about it, xpdoffice can report it.

You must be able to access information from one end of your organization to the other. You need contract details when your contract officer is not there. You want payroll information on a Saturday night. You require productivity and cost values to make adjustments.

You need information now!

xpdreports offers a powerful array of features, including:
- Real time reports including Earned Value Management features
- Labor and expense distribution reports monitor internal economy
- Budgeted vs. Actual Hours "percent complete" reports
- Subjective "percent complete" reports providing third dimension reporting

The benefits of xpdoffice are just too compelling and the competitive advantages too obvious for you to wait.



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