The Easy Way for Contracts Managers to Plan, Manage and Communicate

    Set up and administer contracts.
    View and report contract data.
    Add security in reporting, approval.
    Meet DCAA requirements

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 xpdtime - Core module of xpdoffice™.
 xpdproject - Total project management.
 xpdexpense - Key to controlling project costs.
 xpdcontracts - Key to contract management.
 xpdhr - Human Resources - your most important resource.
 xpdpurchase - Purchasing management made simple.
 xpdinvoice - Create accurate invoices effortlessly.
 xpdreports - Powerful reporting module for xpdoffice™.
xpdevm - Earned Value Management Software.
 xpdletter - Create letters online for review.
 xpdadmin - Control for human resources.
 xpdvms - Customized visitor ID badges.
 xpdcrm - Identify and Manage Opportunities.

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Contracts Management Solution

  • Augments paper-based systems
  • Accounting system synchronization
  • Digital signatures
  • Universal web access

As a contractor, you have one of the toughest jobs around. You must direct your team so that deliverables are produced to specifications, and jobs stay on schedule and within budget. All this while keeping the customer, subcontractors and others informed, even when they and your team are working in different locations.

Whether you are a prime contractor, subcontractor or government agency that is letting out and managing contracts, xpdcontracts is the tool that puts you in charge of this complex web. Accessible from anywhere through an intuitive Web interface, contracts specialists can begin using it right from Day One.

Set up and administer contracts.
xpdcontracts lets you create a contract framework and pull together all the loose ends. Establish a contract and its jobs and tasks, assign job hours and billing rates based on labor categories, designate contract officers and technical representatives, assign teams and managers, and more.

View and report contract data.
contract management reports exampleWith xpdcontracts, all contract details are at your fingertips. Screen views show all contract data, by customer, by job and by task. And xpdcontracts lets you easily generate reports, including charts that illustrate completion status and budget updates and breakdowns.

Meet DCAA requirements.
xpdcontracts is DCAA compliant, meeting the Defense Contract Audit Agency's CAS (Cost Accounting Standards) and FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) requirements. xpdcontracts can perform direct and indirect cost segregation, track cumulative-to-date direct costs by work breakdown structure and handle government per diem monitoring, among other capabilities.

Communicate with your team, customers.
For good communication, you need a contract management plan that clearly spells out everyone's roles. xpdcontracts enables you to create that plan in a straightforward, yet comprehensive manner. Once work starts, as you enter your hours worked, budget consumed, and task and job completions, xpdcontracts provides a real-time accounting of contract status. xpdcontracts reports are easily printed out or emailed to team members or customers.

xpdtime: A Full Lineup of Features
Budget creation
xpdcontracts lets you easily develop your contract budgets ­ from the contract level down to the job and task level, allocating every hour.
contract management screenshot Work breakdown
xpdcontracts has a simple process for assigning jobs and tasks to employees and managers, and rolling all of that up to the contract level.
Schedule development
xpdcontracts lets you create project schedules and establish key milestones.
Contract-focused data capture
With a few clicks you can create records for new customers, or go into existing records and edit customer data. Again, a few clicks are all that's needed to create a new contract record or add data to an existing one.
Earned Value Management - EVM
xpdcontracts lets you assess a contract's Earned Value by providing simple tools that let you roll up completion percentage estimates from the task and job level to the overall contract level.
Data sharing
xpdcontracts integrates automatically with popular accounting systems, as well as with project management tools like Microsoft Project. It also shares data with all open system databases and any application that accepts or exports Microsoft Excel data.
Universal access
xpdcontracts operates as a stand-alone Web-based service, with no installation, integration, maintenance or on-site hosting required.
To prevent access from unauthorized internal or external sources, xpdcontracts uses SSL128 and offers user-selected permission levels along with user IDs and passwords for the project team and for clients. xpdcontracts is hosted at a remote secure server site. For redundancy, a backup site is mirrored in another facility at another location.
Cost effectiveness
xpdcontracts user licenses cost just pennies per day per user. You can add or cancel licenses at any time.

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