The Easy Way for Managers and HR Professionals to Handle Personnel Tasks, and Gather and Access Employee Data

    Manage time, expense and leave.
    Maintain data security
    Develop reports in minutes, not days.

When You need more than a timesheet - xpdoffice!

Feature Service

 xpdtime - Core module of xpdoffice™.
 xpdproject - Total project management.
 xpdexpense - Key to controlling project costs.
 xpdcontracts - Key to contract management.
 xpdhr - Human Resources - your most important resource.
 xpdpurchase - Purchasing management made simple.
 xpdinvoice - Create accurate invoices effortlessly.
 xpdreports - Powerful reporting module for xpdoffice™.
xpdevm - Earned Value Management Software.
 xpdletter - Create letters online for review.
 xpdadmin - Control for human resources.
 xpdvms - Customized visitor ID badges.
 xpdcrm - Identify and Manage Opportunities.

" I can manage all types of employee information, keep contact info current, automate my employee's performance evaluations, and offer timely reporting! "


A Simple Plan
Out of all the wonderful benefits xpdoffice™ has over other PSA software packages on the market, it is most importantly, easy. There's no hardware to buy, no software to be version conscious about, no subscriptions to keep up, and no maintenance plans to afford. We take care of all of that for you, all for an easily affordable, low monthly fee based on an actual user count.

"Superior human resource planning provides not only enhanced profit but is a leading indicator of increased shareholder value." Watson Wyatt

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Human Resources Management Solution

  • Streamlined performance review
  • Microsoft Project synchronization
  • Personnel ID badge system
  • Universal web access

Gathering, filing and accessing the employee data required to run a company is a tall order. Companies need this information to operate, as well as to meet financial and management commitments to employees. Companies also must manage this sensitive data to meet the requirements of EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity), FMLA (Family and medical Leave Act) and other regulations.

The ideal is to have a single system that securely captures all employee data - everything from home address and emergency contacts to performance evaluations and vacation time. xpdhr is that system. A fully featured Human Resources management tool accessed through a secure Web portal, xpdhr encompasses all of your personnel management functions. xpdhr helps you unify your HR requirements by coupling with your timesheet and payroll systems, as well as with applications such as Microsoft Project and popular database engines.

Centralize and easily access employee records.
HR performance evaluationsStore data such as employee personal data and promotions in one secure place. Catalog performance reviews and assign managers to employees. Authorized personnel also can use xpdhr to view comprehensive and up-to-the-minute reports.

Simplify and consolidate the performance review process.
Keeping performance reviews on schedule and comparing performance against objectives is often a challenge for fast-moving organizations. This is especially true when employees and supervisors travel extensively or work in different locations. With xpdhr, you can bring discipline and convenience to the process. Employees and supervisors schedule, fill out and compare objective evaluations based on attributes of employee ability and performance - along with other customizable requirements you can add.

Comply with government requirements.
EEO. FMLA, Workers Compensation. Complying with these mandates often seems to take precedence over the core HR responsibility of developing a high-performance and fulfilled workforce. xpdhr takes the complexity out of compliance.

Manage the employment, recruitment process.
Posting job openings. Tracking resumes. Responding to candidates and hiring managers. Too often these tasks entail wrestling with mountains of paper and juggling competing schedules. xpdhr untangles this process, helping you post job notices, sort through resumes and screen candidates. In addition, xpdhr provides an up-to-the-minute new hire report. All within a simple and secure Web application, and all documented and time-stamped.

xpdhr: A Full Lineup of Features
Personnel reporting
Access all of your personnel records - within xpdhr and other xpdoffice™ modules - and quickly generate reports that show you all key data about individual employees, teams or your entire workforce.
Data sharing
xpdhr synchronizes with popular accounting systems, as well as with Microsoft Project. It also lets you share data with all open system databases and any application that accepts data in Microsoft Excel format.
Employee/manager assigning
human resource planning screenshotxpdhr lets you activate new employees and assign employees to managers with just a few keystrokes.
Automated job posting, resume management
xpdhr includes tools that make it easy to create and post job openings and then process, store or route the resumes that arrive in response to your postings.
Security badge deployment
Drawing on the employee information securely stored within xpdhr, the application lets you easily design and print out photo ID badges for employees. You can customize badge design, and you can spot fraudulent or expired badges over the web, by comparing them to xpdhr's database of employee photos.
Universal access
xpdhr operates as a stand-alone Web-based service, with no installation, integration, maintenance or on-site hosting required.
To prevent access from unauthorized internal or external sources, xpdhr uses SSL128 and offers user-selected permission levels along with user IDs and passwords for the project team and for clients. xpdhr is hosted at a remote secure server site. For redundancy, a backup site is mirrored in another facility at another location.
Cost effectiveness
xpdhr user licenses cost just pennies per day per user. You can add or cancel licenses at any time. Get started in days not months!

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