The Easy Way for Your Project Team to Manage Resources, Monitor Progress, Control Costs, Communicate and Succeed

    Manage time, expense and leave.
    Maintain data security
    Develop reports in minutes, not days.
    Consolidate your project information and          deliverables.

When You need more than a timesheet - xpdoffice!

Feature Service

 xpdtime - Core module of xpdoffice™.
 xpdproject - Total project management.
 xpdexpense - Key to controlling project costs.
 xpdcontracts - Key to contract management.
 xpdhr - Human Resources - your most important resource.
 xpdpurchase - Purchasing management made simple.
 xpdinvoice - Create accurate invoices effortlessly.
 xpdreports - Powerful reporting module for xpdoffice™.
xpdevm - Earned Value Management Software.
 xpdletter - Create letters online for review.
 xpdadmin - Control for human resources.
 xpdvms - Customized visitor ID badges.
 xpdcrm - Identify and Manage Opportunities.

xpdproject is part of the xpdoffice™ suite of business automation solutions from xpdientinc. xpdient is a division of Scientific Systems and Software International, a software and technical services firm in operation since 1985. xpdoffice applications work seamlessly with each other and with other popular applications to bring efficiencies to timesheet, human resources and other vital and typically time-consuming business functions. To find out more about xpdproject or xpdoffice or to schedule a demonstration, call 888-777-4638. Or visit

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Manage Resources Solution

  • Earned Value Management
  • Real-time reporting
  • Microsoft Project synchronization
  • >Universal web access

Manage your project work assignments. Assess Earned Value. Get real-time reports from all tasks and jobs. Communicate with your team and clients. Access project resources, data and deliverables in one place. Tie together the project elements and data spread across your project planning systems, contracting and billing applications.

With xpdproject from xpdientinc, you can do all of these things easily, from anywhere, through one simple, intuitive and secure Web-based interface.

Allocate and track project resources, progress.
project management software exampleWho's doing what? What is the status? How much time and money has been spent? What is missing? And most important, how much of the project is really complete and when do we realistically think we can finish? xpdproject lets you answer these questions, and many more - by project, by job and by task. All in real time.

Keep everyone, everywhere, on the same page.
In today's distributed work environment, xpdproject is the virtual location on the Web where your team and your customers can exchange information, get updates, view project resources in the xpdproject Resource Library and securely post, edit and transmit deliverables ­ in any file format. This keeps everyone on the "same page" as projects move ahead. At the same time, people can use and have access only to those xpdproject features and data that the project or program manager authorizes for them.

Integrate information flow across your project applications.
Unify disparate applications that support your projects' data and IT management requirements. xpdproject synchronizes pertinent data with tools such as Microsoft Project and most accounting packages. xpdproject also accepts input from any accounting application that accepts or exports Microsoft Excel data.

Get application functionality without implementation headaches.
xpdproject is not a "project" itself. As a hosted service on the web, it frees you from installing and maintaining software and applications. It's accessible from any computer with an Internet link - even a dialup connection. xpdproject is so simple that you and your team can learn and begin using it right away.

xpdproject : A Full Lineup of Features
Work allocation and tracking
xpdproject enables intuitive, straightforward loading of work breakdown structure, from project through to job and task levels, allowing you to allocate and track labor and hours at all levels.
Earned Value Management ­ EVM
project management software screenshotxpdproject lets managers roll up completion percentage estimates from the task and job level to the project level. When compared with xpdproject's budget and time tracking reports, managers can assess a project's Earned Value at any point in the project cycle.
Microsoft Project integration
xpdproject integrates seamlessly and exchanges data with Microsoft Project. xpdproject also synchronizes data with leading accounting systems and provides import/export capabilities.
Collaborative workspace
xpdproject includes a secure location with a Resource Library where you can store all project support materials and a workspace for posting and sharing deliverables.
Universal access
xpdproject operates as a stand-alone web-based system, with no installation, integration, maintenance or on-site hosting required.
project management tools screenshot Security
To prevent access from unauthorized internal or external sources, xpdproject offers user-selected permission levels along with user IDs and passwords for the project team and for clients. xpdproject is hosted at a remote secure server site. A redundant mirror site is maintained at a different location for added security and reliability.
Cost effectiveness
xpdproject user licenses cost just pennies per day per user. You can add or cancel licenses at any time.

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