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The Easy Way for Your Company to Manage Timesheets, Track Attendance, File Expense Reports ­ and Succeed

    Manage time, expense and leave.
    Maintain data security
    Develop reports in minutes, not days.
    Consolidate your project information and          deliverables.

When You need more than a timesheet - xpdoffice!

Timesheet Management Service

DCAA compliance
Accounting system synchronization
Electronic signatures
Universal web access
Expense report filing
Leave request and tracking

Tracking employee time is critical for organizations to stay within budget, learn where they can become more efficient, and process payroll accurately and promptly. Yet many organizations are mired in manual time tracking methods that are overly time-consuming and error prone.

The simple and comprehensive solution to these time tracking challenges is xpdtime. xpdtime lets employees and managers enter and track daily timesheets through a simple, yet powerful, Web interface. xpdtime also makes it easy to file expense reports and requests for leave. And it seamlessly integrates with accounting systems and meets government agency contracting requirements.

Squeeze out waste, boost productivity.
xpdtime eliminates the wasted time and confusing or misplaced records that result from manual systems. When employees and their supervisors, along with the accounting and project management staff, all use the same Web-based system, data is easily entered and advanced through the system. Approval authorities can electronically - and promptly - approve or reject timesheets, expense records and leave requests.

Tightly manage time for increased ROI.
With time as your organization's most precious resource, you need an easy-to-use tool that lets everyone easily record and manage time in a single, seamless process. A tool that lets employees enter time and apply for leave, a tool that lets managers view and approve time records as they are entered. xpdtime is the tool that gives organizations the ease of data entry and clear up-to-the-minute accounting for time that enables the proactive management needed to maximize return on investment.

Seamlessly integrate with accounting systems.
With xpdtime, you don't need to worry about getting your timesheet or expense data to your other applications. That's because xpdtime integrates seamlessly with accounting systems such as Peachtree and QuickBooks. It also synchronizes with Microsoft Project.

Generate comprehensive, real-time reports.
Time records should be easy to access, in real-time. With xpdtime, they are. Employees can check the approved hours they've billed, and see how much leave time they have available. Supervisors, HR managers and the payroll department can track daily and cumulative hours billed and leave taken.


xpdtime: A Full Lineup of Features
Accounting system synchronization
xpdtime synchronizes with popular accounting systems. It also syncs with Microsoft Project and exports and imports with applications that accept Microsoft Excel files.
DCAA compliance
xpdtime complies with DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) Cost Accounting Standards and Federal Acquisition Regulations. Among the many features supporting DCAA compliance: direct/indirect cost segregation, and audit trails for electronic timecard changes.
Task-based time capture
With xpdtime, employees can allocate hours by task, job and project.
Expense report filing
xpdtime enables quick electronic filing and approval of expense reports - no matter where employees or their managers are.
Leave scheduling/tracking
xpdtime lets employees submit leave requests and lets supervisors approve them - all within the application.
Electronic approval
xpdtime gives authorized users digital signature capability. Password-approved users are able to sign off on timesheets, expense reports and leave requests.
Universal access
xpdtime operates as a stand-alone web-based service with no installation, integration, maintenance or on-site hosting required.
To prevent access from unauthorized internal or external sources, xpdtime offers user-selected permission levels along with user IDs and passwords for the project team and for clients. xpdtime is hosted at a remote secure server site. For redundancy, a backup site is mirrored in another facility at another location.
Cost effectiveness
xpdtime user licenses cost just pennies per day per user. You can add or cancel licenses at any time.


xpdtime is part of the xpdoffice™ suite of business automation solutions from xpdientinc. xpdient is a division of Scientific Systems and Software International, a software and technical services firm in operation since 1985. xpdoffice™ applications work seamlessly with each other and with other popular applications to bring efficiencies to timesheet, human resources and other vital and typically time-consuming business functions. To find out more about xpdtime or xpdoffice™ or to schedule a demonstration, call 888-777-4638. Or visit www.xpdtime.com.

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