Customer Relationship Management

   dot6 Streamline lead management processes
   dot5 Setup alerts for timely follow ups
   dot4 Easy access to vital customer information
   dot3 Real-time reporting and correspondence
   dot2 Prioritize task based on revenue and

   dot1 Secure and easy access from anywhere

Affordable - User friendly - Easy to implement

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CRM Solution to Grow Your Sales and Customer Satisfaction

The difference between knowing your customers and knowing them well is critical to your business growth. Most organizations are using a systemic approach by employing a CRM solution which helps them to centrally organize customer data and sales leads to organize follow-ups, track closing rates and record revenue.

Our CRM innovation facilitates a database of your current clients and potential sales which will help you to convert leads into customers. As a small or mid-size company, your resources are already being stretched; streamlining your practices will keep your sales team on the same page, inspire healthy competition, increase productivity and amplify synergy.

With xpdCRM you will be able to:

  • Save time & money by automating lead management
  • Setup alerts for timely follow ups with customers and potential sales
  • Update and access vital customer information anywhere at anytime
  • Report in Real-time with integrated correspondence ability
  • Prioritize tasks based on revenue and importance



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