Talent/HR Management

   dot6 Enhance HR record keeping and accuracy
   dot5 Leave management system
   dot4 Ensure compliance with federal regulation
   dot3 Improve periodic performance evaluations
   dot2 Succession planning
   dot1 Recruitment process

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Conduct effective HR activities, enhance employee satisfaction

Human resource is the most important asset of your organization.  Unlike your accounting system that classifies your employees as expense and/or liability you need a solution that truly treats them as assets.

Our solution allows you to recruit, retain, and manage a talented team of individuals who will contribute to the success of your company for years to come.  Securely centralize all employee data for easy access and a simple performance review process that will allow you to effectively award merit and compensation in accordance with corporate guidelines.

With our solution you will have one integrated system that will not only help you with your HR activities such as performance evaluations, succession planning, resume bank, it will also reduce paperwork, centralize information, and boost human capital return on investment. It also provides you easy way for leave/vacation accrual, Visitor Management and Photo ID Badge System. 

You will be able to access real-time reporting on your HR activities including EEO compliance report while enhancing confidentiality and increased communication between employees and customers.


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