xpdOffice™ contract management software combines the strength of independent operating modules with the ease and simplicity of integration. A web-based enterprise management tool, xpdOffice™ is designed to help manage relationships between customers, contracts, tasks and jobs. It enables contracts officers to compile, organize and share contract information with ease using a centralized, collaborative, secure repository. Task assignments, scheduling, monitoring labor categories and managing billing rates is simplified using xpdContracts.

xpdOffice™ integrates all of your customer related activities – from contact to billing. And, you have a powerful, easy-to-use tool that incorporates your sales and business processes along with customer service. As a result, your departments can work collaboratively to increase customer satisfaction.

Since xpdOffice™ is a web-based contract management software solution, your total cost of ownership is significantly reduced. There is nothing to install, no hardware to purchase or maintain, and upgrades are free. Our team of professionals takes care of maintenance, support, and even upgrades at our full-service data center, so you can focus on running your business.

The xpdOffice™ suite stores your critical business data on one centralized database, giving you real-time visibility into each area of interest. And since the many facets of your entire enterprise work with the same data, you will always have access to accurate and up to date information.

xpdOffice™ offers automation for your key business processes – timesheet management, expenses, contract and project management, purchasing management, billing, etc. The result is better, faster decision-making – so necessary in today’s increasingly competitive landscape.

Reporting Capabilities

xpdOffice™ offers many predefined reports meant to increase your advanced business intelligence, dealing with areas such as:

• Financial and budgeting

• Project management, goals and deliverables

• Contracts, customers, jobs and tasks

• Marketing campaigns and ROI

• Expense reporting

• Communications

• Employees, human resources and payroll

• Receivables and invoicing

• Job and time tracking

With advanced sorting and filtering capabilities, you can customize reports to meet whatever your specific criteria might be. You can assign specific reports to specific people, and place responsibility in the hands of the right individuals.

Additionally, reports can be exported to Excel, Word, and Project, and xpdOffice™ can be synchronized with a number of popular accounting packages. Our users appreciate the advanced analytical approach xpdOffice™ offers them, by providing such sophisticated reporting and analysis. xpdOffice’s™ unique drill down capability reveals all supporting details and aids in your comprehensive analysis.

Experience xpdOffice™ yourself with a trained professional to guide you through the application components that interest you the most.