xpdOffice was designed by project managers for project managers!

This sophisticated Project Management software system was originally built to meet our own needs! The same tools that we sell in the public domain are leveraged within our company to gain competitive advantage.

Here is the story…

We took the time to work with experts and companies struggling with project collaboration software challenges. Each shared concerns about their current products and how they were not supporting direct requirements such as task dependencies, user workload, account management, issue management software and quality assurance, just to name a few.

The xpdOffice integrated concept ensures that targeted project management needs are met, and provides exclusive advantages to our customers.

Highlighted functions include:

  • Collecting purchasing activities under a single umbrella
  • Electronic access to documents and deliverables,
  • A reporting level

A professional services automation software solution, xpdProject also serves as a business and project collaboration solution, workforce management software and an online planning tool. Keeping customers, staff, costs, deliverables, documents, status statistics and time data in one central location is critical in managing any project.

How can you benefit?

xpdOffice offers managers the opportunity to base customer billing on actual work breakdown structures. As an integrated package, it ties labor category information, leave management, project advancement, and other job cost data together. And with drill down capability, there is no easier way to visually tie tasks and jobs to hours, and ultimately invoicing. You never need to leave xpdOffice™.

xpdOffice project management tools fill in many of the gaps in communication that occur in an organization. Executives now can directly evaluate a high-priority project timesheet along with other key operational metrics in multiple contracts. Straigh forward expense reporting and HR management permit PMs to maintain a clear idea of project progress. xpdOffice offers project managers the opportunity to review project status over time, including periods when task completion stayed on schedule and periods when it didn’t. A clear picture can thus emerge of practices that work and those that do not.

We understand your project management needs because our company’s success hinges on meeting those same challenges. Unlike other solutions in the market place, we are not just a vendor of project management software; we actually practice what we preach. Sometimes little things make a big impact.