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Unlock Your HR Potential with xpdHr

Your human resources department is the backbone of your organization, responsible for managing everything from employee data to performance evaluations. But outdated systems and manual processes can slow you down and hinder productivity. Enter xpdHr – the ultimate web-based HR software that streamlines your HR operations and maximizes efficiency.

Key Benefits:

Centralize employee records and access them securely from anywhere, ensuring data integrity and streamlined reporting.

Simplify performance reviews with automated processes that save time and ensure accuracy, fostering a high-performing workforce.

Comply with government regulations effortlessly, from EEO to FMLA, and focus on developing a fulfilled and productive workforce.

Manage the entire recruitment process seamlessly, from posting job openings to screening candidates, all within a simple and secure web application.


Personnel Reporting: Access comprehensive personnel records and generate reports with ease, empowering efficient human resource planning.

Data Sharing: Sync with accounting systems like Peachtree and QuickBooks, as well as Microsoft Project, for seamless data integration.

Digital Visitor Management and Photo ID Badge System: Enhance security and professionalism with xpdBadge, a web-based solution for visitor sign-in and photo ID badge creation.

Why Choose xpdHr?

xpdHr isn’t just software – it’s your partner in HR excellence. With its intuitive interface, seamless integration, and unmatched support, xpdHr empowers you to streamline your HR operations and drive business success.

Experience the power of xpdHr and revolutionize your HR management today. Get started and unleash your HR potential!

To find out more about xpdHr or xpdOffice or to schedule a demonstration, call 888-777-4638, x264.