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Services :

Product Modules :

  • Timesheet Software – the easy way for your company to manage timesheets, track attendance, file expense reports – and succeed.
  • Human Resources Software – Add personnel to your company with ease, perform flawless record keeping, perform employee evaluations, and provide up-to-the-minute HR reporting .
  • Contract Management xpdoffice™ contract management software provides tools to define the relationships between customers, contracts, jobs, and tasks.
  • Project Management Software – Keeping customers, staff, costs, deliverables, documents, status, and time information in one centralized location is critical in managing any project. xpdoffice™ provides the tools necessary for successful project completion.
  • Reporting Software – Track time and billing, continuously monitor and report the earned value of your projects.
  • Expense Tracking– the easy way to file, track and manage expense reports.
  • Invoicing – Generate invoices accurately with xpdinvoice billing software.
  • Purchasing Software – Automate generation of requisitions & PO,s.
  • Communications – Create template, form letters, or individualized correspondence from any module.
  • Synchronization – xpdadmin offers complete control over your xpdoffice™ system. Everything from global preference settings to individualized exceptions.

Performance Solutions :

  • Project Management – Let xpdoffice™ project management software help you define, plan, schedule, control tasks and achieve your goals
  • Operations – Contract Management Software Solution – combines the strength of independent operating modules with the ease and simplicity of integration.
  • Human Resources Management – automates and streamlines human resources through an easy to manage, tightly integrated solution.
  • Small Business Owners – xpdoffice™ was designed so that small and mid-sized businesses could compete with larger entities, without stretching their budget.

Features :

Support :

  • xpdoffice™ Support – Most clients have no trouble operating xpdoffice™, but if you need us, we’re here for you! Our team of technical professionals and experts will guide you through every aspect of your implementation. Just let us know how we can be of service
  • FAQ – For frequently asked questions about our products and services, this is a good place to start.

Brochures/Downloads :

  • xpdoffice™ Brochures – Download our informative brochures to fully understand our software capabilities:
  • Time & Attendance – Generate Comprehensive, Real-Time reports.
  • Time Management – Manage projects, control costs, and abridge the processing of time records.
  • HR Management – Simplify and Consolidate the performance review Process.
  • Contract Management – Create Projects schedules and establish key Milestones
  • Project Management – Optimize resource allocation, and create instant project reports across all Projects.
  • Expense Management – Monitor per diem and other business trip expenses in real time.
  • Invoices & Billing – Generate invoices based on hours billed by task by job and by contract.
  • Purchasing Management – Optimize resource allocation, and create instant project reports across all Projects.
  • Earned Value Management – Single Management Control Package that Always Provides reliable and Accurate data.