Ensuring DCAA Compliance with xpdOffice™ Timesheet Solution

For government contractors, DCAA compliance is essential. Meeting the standards set by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and undergoing DCAA audits are integral to doing business with Federal Government agencies and the Department of Defense (DoD).

xpdTime: Your Solution for Real-Time DCAA Compliance

The xpdOffice Timesheet Solution (xpdTime) simplifies the documentation of all DCAA requirements in real time, ensuring error-free record submission. This minimizes delays and frustrations during the submission of Incurred Cost and Final Cost (ICE) reports.

Designed for Compliance

From its inception, xpdOffice was created to meet the stringent requirements of DCAA standards. It helps you adhere to the Defense Contract Audit Agency Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). Unlike many commercial systems, xpdOffice ensures true compliance, making it easy for companies to meet all DCAA regulations.

Comprehensive Compliance Features

Complete DCAA Compliance Support

– Time and Attendance: Tracks employee labor accurately by intermediate or final cost objectives.

– Project Management: Provides up-to-date cost data for informed decision-making.

– Purchasing and Expense Management: Ensures proper cost allocation.

– Human Resources and Contract Management: Includes extensive reporting capabilities.

Key Capabilities

– Direct and Indirect Cost Segregation: Ensures proper classification of costs.

– Detailed Labor Distribution: Allocates direct and indirect labor to appropriate cost centers.

– Secure System: Restricts data changes to authorized personnel only.

– Comprehensive Reporting: Offers detailed job or task data from inception to date.

– Tracking Unallowable Costs: Segregates and tracks unallowable costs effectively.

– Overhead and G&A Calculation: Calculates and allocates overhead and general & administrative expenses accurately.

– Audit Trail: Tracks every timesheet entry, change, and approval, supporting full auditability.

Project Management Integration

xpdOffice enables you to manage complex projects with flexible work breakdown structures and indirect cost allocation options. It supports various contract types, including fixed price, time and materials, CPFF, and delivery order government contracts, providing real-time project detail and profitability assessments.

Seamless Integration

xpdOffice integrates seamlessly with financial accounting and materials procurement systems. It supports data import, export, and synchronization with popular cost accounting software, enhancing your financial reporting and compliance capabilities.

The xpdOffice Advantage

Real-Time Compliance

xpdOffice helps you stay compliant with DCAA standards by providing real-time data and reporting capabilities. It facilitates the accurate accumulation of costs under General Ledger Control, the calculation of multiple indirect rates per job, and the allocation of costs using provisional, budgeted, or actual burden rates.

Comprehensive Reporting

With xpdOffice, you get extensive reporting capabilities that cover all DCAA audit requirements. The system accumulates direct costs by labor category and job, tracks uncompensated overtime, and segregates direct from indirect costs. It ensures detailed inception-to-date job data, making DCAA compliance straightforward and efficient.

Integration with HR, Payroll, and Project Management

xpdOffice collects and integrates timesheet data across HR, payroll, and project management systems. This integration allows for seamless data transfer and comprehensive reporting, essential for DCAA audits and internal financial management.

Experience xpdOffice Today

xpdOffice™ is your complete solution for DCAA compliance, offering unparalleled support for government contractors. To see how xpdOffice can streamline your compliance efforts and improve your business operations, contact us today for a full interactive online demo.

Discover how xpdOffice™ can help you meet DCAA standards with ease and efficiency, ensuring your business remains compliant and competitive.