How much time are you spending collecting handwritten or punch card data, re-keying it, dealing with mistakes, and forwarding it to your payroll, accounting and HR departments?

With web-based time and attendance systems, you can eliminate this type of productivity loss. Even better, you can quickly install and begin using these systems in a matter of days.

Today’s web-based time and attendance systems provide a convenient, yet powerful and secure framework for carefully capturing the employee time data through employees’ desktop or laptop computers, through kiosks or even through identification badges. The result: you can better manage projects, control costs, and abridge the processing of time records.

The leading time and attendance software solution for enterprises of all sizes

  • Data entry errors
  • Cumbersome processing
  • Payroll Errors
  • Pay rule/government regulation complexities
  • Labor allocation limitations
  • Lack of real-time data
  • Grievance liabilities
  • Multi-location challenges
  • Eliminate errors
  • Save time
  • Automate pay rule/compliance
  • Allocate work efficiently
  • Make transactions secure, auditable
  • Access from anywhere
  • Integration
  • Pains of Manual Time & Attendance Systems