Convert Leads into Sales!

xpdCrm is part of a complete Professional Services Automation software application that will put your organization in charge of your sales data. This comprehensive addition to the xpdOffice suite of enterprise-wide on-demand solutions is easy-to-use and provides companies with the ability to manage opportunities and help close deals. With xpdCrm you can spend more time concerning yourself with customers and less time trying to administer the process.

xpdCrm fits the way you handle leads and customers and gives you real-time reporting to analyze your business and make better decisions. Your personnel need solutions that make their jobs easier, not more difficult; simple, not complicated. With xpdCrm, you have speedy access to your customer’s data, and because xpdOffice is web-based, the information is available online from anywhere in the world. Even from your cell phone through xpdWireless. And xpdOffice links effortlessly to other popular applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Project – even accounting software.

With xpdCrm, sales managers have accessibility and insight into where their departmental efforts stand within the pipelines. And xpdCrm opens the door to powerful opportunity management, necessary forecasting, and in-depth reporting. Managers can be confident their teams are effectively producing at full capacity.

And finally, xpdCrm satisfies your organization’s need for accurate and timely data resulting in a quick evaluation of company performance while still being able to look ahead to the future. Organizations want to make critical business decisions quickly without having to wait for data to be gathered or without having to wade through tons of paperwork and notes. xpdCrm gives you the real-time information you need to be both productive and effective.

Some Features Include:

  • Sales Management
  • Lead Management
  • Account Management
  • Contract Management
  • Sales Analytics
  • Global Forecasting
  • Product Information and Cataloging
  • Document & Asset Management
  • Activity Management
  • Workflow
  • Integration Enterprise-wide
  • Mobile and Cell Phone Accessible
  • Compatible with Microsoft Products and others

xpdCrm will allow you to achieve greater customer satisfaction and better customer retention rates. You can identify high value clients and build profitable one-on-one relationships that will last. xpdCrm will aid your delivery of the products and services your most valuable customers want and you will be able to better maximize customer relationships and revenue streams.

Get to know your customers through xpdCrm: who they are and what they want and need from you. Optimize your product and service mix, increase your service levels, and create targeted campaigns to stay on top of your most desirable customers.