1. Is your timesheet system DCAA compliant? (See information listed below)

Yes. xpdOffice™ provides several restrictions, alerts, and messages that makes the application DCAA compliant.

2. Size of business that the application is designed for? Average number of users? Maximum / Minimum.

xpdOffice ™ is scalable, and its modular design easily accommodates a small or large numbers of employees. Your application should fit your needs.

3. Is the system Web based or a Client Application system? ­ Can it be put inside our firewall?

The application is entirely web based, and hosted on AWS. xpdOffice™ can also be placed inside your firewall.

4. System requirements? Hardware / Software for client and server?

xpdOffice ™ is completely web based, therefore there are no hardware or software requirements. (web access w/a browser is obviously required)

5. Which Browser does it run on? Netscape or Explorer?

xpdOffice™ runs on all browsers including Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome and others

6. Do we need to have a stand-alone server?

If you choose to place the application on a server within your firewall we would highly recommend that you use a stand-alone server.

7. Does it support Linux?

The system is designed to run on Windows and Unix platforms.

8. Are there any non-compatibility issues you are aware of in regard to software?


9. How long has the application been around? Are you the developer?

xpdOffice ™ is a matured systems originally designed in 1999 and redesigned couple of time over the past two decades. Yes, we are the developer.

10. What other software does it interface with? Can it interface with my accounting software? How?

(a.) Yes, We will interface it with most popular accounting software for free. The application interfaces via import /export files. (Seamless integration is available at cost)

(b.) Seamless data import and export in Excel on the web.

(c.) Seamless data synchronization with MS Project

(d) For small business we have created a version of xpdOffice™ that seamlessly interfaces with QuickBooks

11. Ease of entry?

All aspects of the web interface are easy to use and intuitive with little or no training.

12. Is it a Real time System?


13. Can it handle different pay types? (Regular, OT, Uncompensated OT, flex time, shift differential).

Yes. This can be accomplished by creating separate charge numbers in the system.

14. Can it handle different leave categories? Vacation, Sick, Bereavement, etc.

Yes. It is very easy to create and assign different leave categories.

15. Is it project based? Will it support a detailed job cost system? What are some of the unique features?

Yes, it is project based. Our next scheduled release will include more job costing functions.

16. How extensive is the reporting feature?

The application comes with a wide variety of reports.

17. Is there a good audit trail? Is there an automated timesheet approval (disapproval) process for managers? Is there an event log with comments? What other audit features are there?

Yes. Audit trails track a variety of actions including signature histories & timesheet alterations. There is an event log that allows the user to submit explanations for timesheet alterations.

18. Is there an email notification of late timesheets? (Delinquent time report for daily time entry?)


19. Is there a report for missing or not signed timesheets?

Yes. The reports track multi-level timesheet flow from the employee signature through the corporate signature.

20. Do you need to enter a dollar value in order to record a timesheet?


21. How does it handle someone who does not have a computer?

Biometric hardware compatibility is available for system interfacing for an additional cost (scan cards etc.).

22. Cost? Buy vs. Lease. Maintenance and other fees.

The system is offered as a SAAS model where you pay as you go. You can pay monthly or annually.

23. What about upgrades? Is it a mandatory requirement that you upgrade? How often and what is the normal cost?

Free upgrades for the first year. Upgrades are not mandatory, and costs vary depending on the nature of the upgrade

24. Do you offer any money back guarantee?

Yes. 100% refund within first 60 days. Furthermore, there is no contractual duration commitment; if your account is in good standing, at any time during the first year you can stop using the system by providing a written request.

25. Is a Demo available?

A guided or a web demo is available.

26. How long have you been in business?

Our company was established in 1985.

26. How long have you been in business?

Since 1985

27. Is the company profitable?


28. Who are some of your customers?

Some of our customer references and testimonials are available on our web site www.xpdoffice.com

29. What kinds of reports do you feature?

xpdOffice features a full range of reports that span the entire breadth of the application, including time reports, HR and contracts reports, invoice and purchase reports, not to mention a large number of performance reports.

30. I need to be able to save time so my employees can devote more effort toward being productive? How can xpdOffice help me?

By capturing important data once and automating the progression of data entries, organizations slash data entry and processing time. Work is allocated more efficiently and therefore allows managers and employees to use data instantly. Additionally xpdOffice seamlessly integrates with accounting and project management software. Your all important processes are sped up and managing your enterprise becomes quicker and easier, and more reliable.