If your company is using QuickBooks for your accounting, you will benefit with xpdOffice data sync, with a click of a button you will be able to synchronize selected data securely between xpdOffice and QuickBooks.

Imagine how easy it will be to invoice your project work to be able to get your invoices paid faster and accurately. xpdOffice allows you to generate data form each project, task, and service individually or all together to ensure that your accounting is running smoothly.

xpdOffice data synchronizing with QuickBooks will reduce human error by automating difficult, tedious and repetitive steps – no more manual inputting of data. This syncing of data across systems gives you more power to control cost, reduce errors, and be DCAA compliant.

Now all of your costs of services, products, and billable hours can be broken down into different tasks and projects giving you a personal insight into your projects. xpdOffice gives you the peace of mind knowing that your projects and services are running at the most efficient way and producing the highest quality of end services.

By utilizing xpdOffice you will be DCAA complaint and will have a system that changes and adapts to your company’s needs. As you customize xpdOffice you will uncover surprising processes to manage, streamline, reduce cost and ensure on-time deliverables to your customers.

xpdOffice will help you make the most complex of projects and tasks simple and easy. Sign up today to simplifying your operations.