Unlock Proactive Project Management with xpdOffice

Earned Value Management (EVM) can be a challenge for project managers, often lacking real-time data and delaying decision-making. Enter xpdOffice – the ultimate business automation solution that puts EVM at your fingertips. Seamlessly integrating time tracking, project management, and financial functions, xpdOffice empowers you to optimize project execution and maximize efficiency.

Key Benefits:

Real-time EVM access: Say goodbye to delayed EVM reports. With xpdOffice, access up-to-the-minute EVM data anytime, anywhere, empowering proactive decision-making.

Structured project management: Streamline project structure and execution with xpdOffice’s simple Work Breakdown Structures, enabling efficient data input, review, and analysis.

Comprehensive performance metrics: Generate percent complete measures, compare actual vs. planned progress, and receive automatic warnings to keep projects on track.

Seamless integration: Sync with Microsoft Project and other applications for seamless data exchange and enhanced performance insights.


Performance against schedule assessments: Evaluate project performance against schedule seamlessly within xpdOffice, ensuring timely interventions.

Work breakdown structure tool: Quickly create project structures with detailed breakdowns, facilitating efficient resource allocation and task management.

Statement of work posting: Centralize project documentation with the Resource Library, providing easy access to task narratives and project details.

Auditability: Ensure data integrity and accountability with verifiable audit trails and user authentication features.

Universal access: Enjoy hassle-free access to xpdOffice’s web-based service, with no installation or maintenance required.

Cost-effectiveness: Affordable user licenses offer significant value with flexible subscription options.

Why Choose xpdOffice?

xpdOffice isn’t just software – it’s your key to proactive project management and business success. With its intuitive interface, powerful features, and unmatched support, xpdOffice empowers you to streamline operations, optimize performance, and drive growth.

Experience the power of xpdOffice and revolutionize your project management today. Get started and elevate your business to new heights!

To learn more about EVM and xpdOffice or to schedule a demonstration, call 888/777-4638 x264.