xpdOffice™ gives you more of what you want when you need it, from low cost and fast implementation to our high-powered built-in reports. xpdOffice™ is more than impressive technology, you get first-rate support. Below, is a list of the major features of all our modules combined into one efficient PSA software package.

Activity Reporting

Report activity simultaneously with time.

Adding Staff

Add staff to your team in one easy step.

Assign Tasks – Employee

Match an employee to a task in a few mouse clicks.

Assign Tasks – Managers

Integrate tasks and managers to exploit strengths and capabilities.

Budget Management

Compare actual to planned expenditures.

Letter Templates

Communicate effortlessly with your internal and external customers.


A calculator is featured on every main page.

Contract Hours

Visually monitor remaining contract hours.

Contract Management

Establish and define contract parameters and evaluate contract status.

Create Tasks

Digitally establish tasks and milestones in support of contract fulfillment.

Customer ID

Easily document identifying information for customers.

Daily View

Easy to use interface in xpdTime for recording time and status.

Data Import

Populates xpdTime fields with data from compatible external sources.

Deliverable Management

Project management function to establish and monitor project deliverables.

Digital Leave Approval

Electronically approve requests for leave locally or remotely.

Digital Resource Inventories

Centralize files and other resources within your project for quick reference and application to multiple needs.

Digital Tasking

Assign tasks for managers and employees locally or remotely.

Labor Distribution Reports

Labor distribution reports are available anytime and can be exported to Excel and other accounting packages.


Consistent by-product of implementing and using the xpdOffice suite.

Electronic Signatures

Approve timecards, leave requests, and expense reports without paper.

Employee Management

Manage personal and project employee information – combined function of
xpdTime™, xpdHr™, and xpdContracts™.

Enhanced Communication

Communicate with internal staff and external customers from the same interface.

Enter Holiday Time

Report hours away from work on organizational holidays.

Enter Leave Time

Report hours away from work based on earned leave.

Enterprise Application

An application supporting essential business processes such as xpdOffice.

Establish Contracts

Define contract terms in

Expense Reporting

Desktop or remote reporting of expenses.

Export to Excel

xpdOffice™ reports are Excel import and export compatible.

Export to MS Word

xpdOffice™ reports and letters are Word import and export compatible.


Consistent by-product of implementing and using the
xpdOffice™ suite.

Flexible Leave Definition

xpdOffice™ offers full flexibility in self-defining leave types and durations.

Focused Documentation

xpdOffice™ offers printed, electronic, and condensed forms of product documentation as part of the product.

Global Expense Reporting

All organizational expense reports can be filed from anywhere in the world via a web enabled computer.

Individual Status

Record daily activity in

Instant Expense Approval

Sign expense reports digitally.

Invoice Review

Review project invoice information at any time.


xpdOffice™ invoicing is accurate and paperless.

Job Assignment

Assign jobs to employees with the
xpdContracts™ module.

Manage Personnel

Modules of
xpdOffice™ support employee information input and editing, task scheduling, and customer invoicing.

Newest Technology

The ASP model for
xpdOffice™ implementation assures that the newest technology is always provided to our customers.

Password Protection

A key feature requiring entry of both a user ID and password to access the software.

Pay Period View

Single mouse click access to time and status entries on the Daily View.

Phone Support

xpdOffice™ is first and foremost intuitive and simple to use. Ample printed and electronic documentation is available. In rare cases where these are insufficient, xpdIent inc offers telephone support by fully qualified product specialists.


Consistent by-product of implementing and using the
xpdOffice™ suite.

Project Management

Remotely manage all personnel, budgets, documents, and invoicing for all your projects.

QuickBooks Communication

Capability within
xpdTime™ to seamlessly import data from Quickbooks.

Remote Status Checks

Managers can review employee activity from any web enabled computer worldwide.

Resource Management

Manage all personnel, budgets, documents, and invoicing for all your projects.


Maintain project deliverable schedules within

Self performance Evaluation

A paperless employee self-evaluation that is initiated, completed and approved by a manager.

Simple Task Generation

Intuitively generate tasks required to complete all your projects.

Task Accountability

Easily maintain records of task completion along with an audit trail of every transaction with

Task Assignment

Quickly assign employees to tasks with a few mouse clicks.

Task List Development

Develop task lists easily in support of project management.

Task Management

Draw on several
xpdTime modules to set priorities, assign tasks, track task completion and time expended, monitor deliverable parameters, and more.

Template-based Intranet

Unique tools to develop an intranet or web site within a day without leaving the
xpdOffice interface.

Timesheet Approval

Paperless timesheet approval from any web-enabled computer.


Built-in tools for data security and application management.

View All Employees

Instantly view all time, activity, expense and leave records for your organization.

View Approved Timesheets

Instantly view all approved timesheet records for your organization.


Convenient, secure, and rapid mode of operation for