• Roll-up task and job completion estimates
  • Compare actual vs. planned progress
  • Generate subjective percent complete reports
  • Receive automatic warnings

Earned Value Management. You need it to better manage your projects, as well as to meet federal agency requirements for earned value reporting. But generating earned value measures often can seem like just another imposition on already overburdened project managers. Not only are earned value measures hard to come by, but EVM reports often are not generated quickly enough for managers to be able to use them proactively to direct projects.

Enter xpdOffice™, the business automation solution tool that puts Earned Value Management at your fingertips. xpdOffice™ melds time and attendance tracking, project management and invoicing, expensing and purchasing functionality into one easy-to-use, yet secure, Web interface. With xpdOffice™, you’ll always have real-time access to earned value analysis. As employees and managers enter time, expense and completion reports each day, EVM reports can be called up with the click of your mouse.

Structure projects for optimal execution.

The key to Earned Value Management is having a simple structure for gathering, viewing and reporting on labor and resource inputs for projects. xpdOffice™ provides a simple, menu-driven process to let you create Work breakdown Structures built around the jobs, tasks and subtasks that you define for the project and then assign to your team. Your team inputs data, managers review and approve it, and then roll it all up to create your EVM reports.

Access up-to-the-minute reports.

Earned Value reports lose their value if you have to wait a month – or even a week – to receive Earned Value assessments. With xpdOffice™, EVM reports with the latest information are accessible any time, from anywhere. Employees and managers – wherever they are located – daily are using xpdOffice™ to enter data on hours worked, tasks or jobs worked on or completed and expenses incurred. As a result, authorized managers and supervisors can generate up-to-the-minute

Generate percent complete measures.

Along with pinpointing a formal dollar measure of earned value, keeping a project on track requires having a realistic and timely measure of how much of a project is complete. xpdOffice™ lets you generate numeric and graphical percent complete measures based on a roll-up of task and job data for all employees. Moreover, xpdOffice™ lets you input subjective percent complete reports, for those times when project nuances may mask the true status of work completed or remaining.

xpdOffice offers a powerful array of features supporting Earned Value Management:

Performance against schedule assessments

xpdOffice™ seamlessly synchronizes with Microsoft Project, so your performance against schedule is easily called up within xpdOffice™.

Work breakdown structure tool

xpdOffice™ lets you quickly generate project Work Breakdown Structures in a tree form, with projects broken down into jobs, tasks and subtasks.

Statement of work posting

The Resource Library in xpdOffice™ provides a convenient and secure central location in which project managers can post a statement of work, or task narrative, for all project tasks and jobs.


Earned value reporting requires verifiable audit trails for data entry and approval. xpdOffice™ automatically records the date and time of all data entries. Entries also are authenticated via user passwords and digital signatures.

Automatic warnings

When tasks or jobs go over budget or fall behind schedule, xpdOffice™ automatically displays warnings and tells managers expected completion dates based on current trends.

Universal access

xpdOffice™ operates as a stand-alone Web-based service, with no installation, integration, maintenance or on-site hosting required.


To prevent access from unauthorized internal or external sources, xpdOffice™ offers user-selected permission levels along with user IDs and passwords for the project team and for clients. xpdOffice™ is hosted at a remote secure server site. For redundancy, a backup site is mirrored in another facility at another location.

Cost effectiveness

xpdOffice™ user licenses cost just pennies per day per user. You can add or cancel licenses at any time.