Simplify ID Badge Generation and Digitally Log Visits Across Your Enterprise

  • Customized visitor ID badges
  • Digital log of visitors
  • Multi-location access
  • Works with all types of printers
  • Intuitive Web Interface
  • Systematic approach to saving time and money

When guests visit your facilities, create an impact and enhance security with the xpdbadge Visitor Management System. Instead of handwritten or generic badges and sloppy sign-in sheets, use the solution that lets you quickly and professionally produce secure and attractive custom ID badges ­ while it simultaneously builds a digital log of visitor activity.

The xpdbadge Visitor Management System puts you in charge of visitor activity through an easy-to-use Web application that is available to managers and security personnel throughout your company ­ across the country or across the globe.

Issue high-quality visitor ID badges conveniently.

With its fill-in-the-blanks template, xpdbadge allows you to quickly key in visitor information. For added security, you can add digital photos and security features such as magnetic stripes. You can also designate on badges whether or not an escort is required, and which facilities visitors have access to.

Manage visitor access at multiple locations.

Visitors may enter your facility through one location and leave through another. As a Web-based solution, this is no problem for the xpdbadge Visitor Management System – it’s accessible from wherever your managers and security personnel need it.

Log and audit visitor activity.

With the xpdbadge Visitor Management System, all visitor information is securely stored in a database. You can generate regularly scheduled or impromptu reports that answer key questions such as: Which companies or persons have visited? How often have they visited? When?

Empower security professionals.

The xpdbadge Visitor Management System empowers security desk officers to perform more effectively and efficiently. Managers can notify security about scheduled visits so they can be prepared with badges ahead of time and view the schedule for the day. Or they can post welcome notices for scheduled visitors.

xpdbadge and the Visitor Management System are part of the xpdoffice™ suite of business productivity and Professional Services Automation solutions from xpdientinc. xpdient is a division of Scientific Systems and Software International, a software and technical services firm in operation since 1985. To find out more about xpdbadge or to schedule a demonstration, call or visit