• Intuitive Web interface
  • Integrated with HR systems
  • Multi-location access
  • Visitor Management System (optional)

Issuing secure, informative and attractive employee or contractor ID badges is a must today. Now it’s easier to do than ever with xpdBadge – the Web-based badge solution that makes generating and verifying badges across your enterprise as easy as 1-2-3.

Using simple data entry screens and user commands, you can design, print and issue custom badges in just minutes. You can add photos, logos and security features with a few mouse clicks. And since the xpdBadge ID badge system integrates with other crucial systems, such as HR, badge generation and verification becomes a seamless part of management processes.

Select the optional Visitor Management System, and issue secure ID badges for all guests and log visitor activity (See reverse for details).

Customized badge printing.

Use our templates or design a completely customized ID badge. Add your logo and other unique design features.

Print badges on-demand, anywhere.

With xpdBadge ID badge software, it takes just minutes to generate a record and print a badge. Approved personnel can access xpdBadge from any computer with Web access. Print badges on standard inkjet and laser printers or use specialized badge printers for other needs, such as magnetic stripes.

Centrally manage employee badge records.

xpdBadge lets you easily create employee or contractor badges and then store badge records in a secure location. Administrators have easy access to badge data for generating reports or electronically sharing records with related systems.

Generate badges for events, meetings.

Save everybody’s time – yours, guests’, customers’ – and produce attractive, easy-to-read badges that clearly identify your company and event.

xpdBadge and the Visitor Management System are part of the xpdOffice™ suite of business productivity and Professional Services Automation solutions from xpdIentinc. xpdIent is a division of Scientific Systems and Software International, a software and technical services firm in operation since 1985. To find out more about xpdBadge or to schedule a demonstration, call or visit www.easyidbadge.com.

Via the Web, xpdBadge gives you instant access to

photos, names and clearance information. It becomes

more than just badges – it becomes a security system,

and a way to better protect your facilities and

safeguard employees.