With xpdProject from xpdIentinc., you can access project resources, statistics and deliverables in one place. Just imagine tying all the elements of a project together through one simple, intuitive and secure site; project planning systems, contracting, and billing applications. You can get real control over task dependencies, user workloads and account management. And, you can do all of these things, effortlessly from anywhere, any time you need it.

Allocate and track project resources and progress

Who is heading this task? What is the status? Where is the statement of work? Are we on track with billable hours and budget? What is missing? And most importantly: how much of the project is actually complete and when do we realistically think we can finish? Our real-time project management software not only answers these questions, but allows you to sort the results project, by job and by task.

Assess and Manage Earned Value

Earned Value Management (EVM) is critical for project managers. With xpdProject, you can do a side by side snapshot comparison of current versus projected goals for spending and percent completeness xpdProject is collaboration software, geared toward uniting site wide information and data with effective project management scheduling , issue management, quality assurance solutions and professional services automation.

Keep everyone, everywhere, on the same page.

Our project management software tools illustrate the depth of functionality in xpdOffice. Supporting elements include assignment of project tasks by managers to employees; electronic capture of labor, expenses, and other direct costs; electronic access to project deliverables and contract details; as well as a variety of reports including labor distributions, job costs, job status, and earned value.

Integrate information flow across your project applications.

If you can’t unify separate applications that support your project data and IT management requirements, you need xpdProject. It synchronizes pertinent data with tools such as Microsoft Project and your current accounting software. You can also upload data to xpdProject from any accounting application that interfaces with Microsoft Excel.

Get application functionality without implementation headaches.

xpdProject is available in your company’s secure, encrypted site which frees you from installing and maintaining additional software and applications. xpdProject includes a secure Resource Library where users can post and share all project documents, including statements of work, meeting minutes, deliverables, and more.

With xpdProject you will be able to:

  • Calculate EVM with real-time data
  • Collaborate efforts of all team members in one centralized site
  • Synchronize with MS Project, QuickBooks and MS Excel
  • Securely access vital statistics at anytime, anywhere